Saturday, October 6, 2018 – UGA vs. Vanderbilt  

For Redcoat alumni to perform, all entering Sanford Stadium MUST register, have a game ticket and required RBAA alumni uniform. Only registered Redcoat alumni will receive the required 2018 name badge to enter the field for pregame performance.  We hope to see as a huge group Between the Hedges for the 45th Anniversary of the Redcoat Alumni Band- it’s great to return to such a great place and also support the current Redcoat Band!  How Sweet It Is!

Tickets in the Redcoat Block:  For those wishing to purchase tickets in the Alumni Band block, the ticket price will be $75 each.  Two-step process:  First, register for Homecoming.  Second, the link to purchase tickets in the Redcoat Alumni block will be made available on the confirmation screen for registered Redcoat alumni.  Seat locations will not be known until shortly before the game.

Payments:  All payments/fees can be made via your credit card or your PayPal account.

Online Registration:  For those wishing to purchase tickets in the Alumni Band Block, Online Registration will be open mid-May to June 30 (or closing earlier if our allocation is sold earlier than June 30) .  Online registration will continue (without ticket purchases) until around September 7.  After that, only walk up registration on the morning of the game at rehearsal will be available for an additional walk up fee (a donation to the band).

When Should I Register?   Earlier is better!

  • May 15 to June 30 – Game Ticket in Alumni Block Deadline – Registration $35 fee/donation
  • July 1 to August 31 – Registration $35 fee/donation
  • September 1 to September 7 – Registration $40 fee/donation
  • Walk up Registration (paper form) – Registration $50 fee/donation

Plan Your Day – Frequently Asked Questions Link  (Available)

Register Online Here – Online Registration Link  (Available)

Musician/Drum Major Uniform – Order Online Here (Password: RBAA) or complete the Paper Form Here

– “Redcoat Band Alumni Shirt” and “Cap” order direct from Oasis
– Personalization option for just $5
– Shipped to your address
– Option for “Legacy” or “Super G” logo only 

Homecoming Music Music Download Link (Available – Password in Registration Confirmation email/screen))

Homecoming Drill Charts – Drill Charts Download Link (Available September 1)

Join the Conversation – #rbaa2018