2018 Pregame Event

2018 Pregame Event

Sponsored by the Young Alumni Council of the RBAA

Where:  Held at Redcoat Field during the final rehearsal of band camp.

When: Saturday, August 11, 2018, after the dinner break

Why:  Meet and Greet!  Be the first to see Show #1 for the 2018 football season!  Experience the results from the Redcoat Band Camp Week!

Come and celebrate over a century of tradition at the 3rd Redcoat PreGame! Practice runs from 6-10pm (with food arriving at 8pm) so feel free to arrive as early as you’d like to enjoy the sights and sounds of a Redcoat practice (Don’t forget your camping chairs!). Stay after practice to meet new friends, enjoy food, and support our current group of Redcoats!