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Redcoat Alum is Managing Director of the Savannah Music Festival In 2019, the annual Savannah Music Festival (SMF) in Savannah, Georgia, hosted
Redcoat Traditions – Ruth Kiney Article Page 1 >> / Article Page 2 >> / Article Page 3 >>
Football Program Article in Homecoming Football Program (Loran Smith / Lee Butts)
Macon Telegraph Article – Link Here (Mentions 2017 Notre Dame Game)
1982: Georgia win over Clemson 13-7 in Athens. Georgia’s first under the new Sanford Stadium lights as the two preceding national
From The Athletic On Friday Night this Fall…Don’t Forget the Marching Band By Tori McElhaney  Aug 31, 2018 When the


Quote from Coach Vince Dooley’s book: A football team, Dooley said, establishes national brand and by that I mean a visible
Redcoat Lore We know what the famous Brett Baucum looks like today.  This was his likeness when he joined the


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1st Homecoming – September 14, 1974
What was the first year of the Redcoat Alumni Band?