Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

From Cheryl Karen Wood – Originally Posted on FB – “Got some OLD photos…. here they come! Some are from Tom Corbett, some are mine. All First Alumni Band, 9/14/74. (Thanks, Tom!) going left to right across….first photo of Mr. Dancz attempting to get we rowdy alums to pay attention. (same old, same old.) 🙂 Then the Redcoats lined up for halftime, alumni practice,Redcoat halftime,the party after, in old bandroom (OUR bandroom), Lourene and Leon Collins, Redcoats in the stands, (duh), my caption for this one is: “After the game, Mr. Dancz prepares the refreshments.” LOL, alumni in stands (must have been a boring game…????), later, at supper: T. Corbett, Phil Gazaway, Cindy Van Alsteen Geesey, Lee Butts and (almost) Linda Butts, again in the bandroom, Linda Butts et. all (I remember how good those little beers were..SO COLD!), Linda Butts, Cheryl Wood Sargeant (moi), Lee and Tom. What FUN it was!!!”

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