Thu. May 23rd, 2024

In 1985 I’d bought a Gumby doll in a novelty store at the end of W Broad St to hang on the drum carrier under my Redcoat jacket. Gumby faithfully rode on my chest throughout the ’85 season.

We didn’t get to travel to the bowl game that year – the Sun Bowl v. Arizona in El Paso – so our last game of the season was versus Tech.

After the final game, for whatever reason, I gave Gumby to Paige as a memento of what would be our only UGA football season together.

When we began dating after Vince Dooley’s last game at the Jan 1 Gator Bowl 1989, she asked if I remembered Gumby & pulled him out of a storage box.

He still lives in our garage. 🙂

We dated, married, volunteered for the Redcoats for 25+ years, and raised two future Redcoats.

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