Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Do You Remember That Story?

We have been telling these stories for years! Save this bit of memorabilia so future Redcoats can hear first-hand about our great traditions, happenings and heritage!

Have someone record your story … or place your phone (camera) on a music stand.

Why? – A few will be made available in the months leading up to the 50th Celebration and some will be available on the web site.

What Topics over the next few months

This month: How this Tradition Started

Next Month: Best Redcoat Road Trip! (including Spring Tour for the earlier Redcoats)

Next Month: Best Pranks / Jokes

Lore and Significant Milestones – In Your Words!

Just use your smart phone or digital recording device to save this piece of Redcoat history in the following suggested format:

  • Hi my name is …
  • I was in the [section or auxiliary group]
  • I marched from [year] to [year] seasons
  • This story or trivia is important because …
  • Then … [When] [Involving Who] [As many Details as possible]

Or Upload Your Video or Digital Recording Here

(You can always upload a document with explanations)

We want to save the real story (and Lore) now!

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