Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The 50th RBAA Anniversary Committee has begun the preparation for a grand celebration! There are 12 sub-committees already holding planning meetings. The festivities will begin at Homecoming 2023 and culminate at Homecoming 2024! Send ideas to info@RedcoatAlumniBand.com.

What and When

A Redcoat Alumni Celebration of events that will occur starting Homecoming 2023 and Ending Homecoming 2024!

Help Us Out! – We Are Gathering History

You can be part of the gigantic search for stories, memorabilia and lore! If you want to offer or loan photos, documents or stories for the time you were in the Redcoat Band, now is the time!

Tell us the Real Redcoat story!

Record it on your phone and upload to us!

Historical Photos or Documents from Your Era?

Scan & upload an image, or mail to our address!

Family or Tailgate Recipe?

Upload for the Redcoat Alumni Cookbook Publication

Redcoat Profiles (Where Are They Now?)

Upload info about yourself and a photo of any kind

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