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There are 6 Ways to Support the Redcoat Band

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  • Redcoat Marching Band Music Endowment – 71869003
  • Redcoat Band ‘100 Yards for 100 Years’ Practice Facility – 88159000
  • Roger Dancz Redcoat Band Scholarship Fund – 72696003
  • Phyllis Dancz Memorial Award Fund – 79019003
  • Cassie Magee Moates Memorial Flagline Scholarship Fund – 76139003
  • Dennis AsKew Satin Silver Sousa Scholarship Fund – 76041003
  • Charles P. Miller Memorial Majorette & Feature Twirler Fund – 71863003
  • Steve Mahoney Memorial Scholarship – 92966000
  • Heather Mosley Singh Memorial Scholarship – fund link here

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Cassie Magee Moates Info Below

Cassie Magee Moates GoFundMe – Assistance for the Family

Link here to provide assistance to the family.

Link to the GoFundMe Page

Cassie Magee Moates Memorial Flagline Scholarship Fund –

Donations to this fund will be matched $1 for very $1 up to $12,500.

Donation Link at UGA Foundation


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