RBAA Mission

The Redcoat Band Alumni Association is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation in the state of Georgia.

The mission of the Redcoat Band Alumni Association (RBAA) is to actively assist, enthusiastically support, and aggressively promote the University of Georgia Redcoat Band programs and The University of Georgia through all reasonable and appropriate means. To accomplish these purposes, the Association shall vigorously pursue the following objectives:

1.  Raise money through regular membership contributions, special solicitations for donations, and other appropriate methods so as to provide band scholarships and other meaningful financial support to students participating in the University of Georgia Band.

2.  Assist in the recruitment of prospective students.

3.  Communicate regularly with the alumni, friends, and financial supporters of The Redcoat Band programs.

4.  Act as the primary spokesperson organization on behalf of the alumni and friends and act as a positive advocate for the interests of the organization.

5.  Support the ongoing work, policies, and objectives of the Director and staff of the Redcoat Band.

6.  Cooperate with the appropriate University of Georgia Foundation on fundraising activities.

How Have Redcoat Alumni Helped the Current Redcoats?

Donations for over $350,000 have benefitted the Redcoat Band over the last decade.


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