Homecoming 2022

Planning for This Year’s Event – Updated July 28, 2022

Homecoming 2022

Homecoming 2022 has been confirmed for Saturday, October 15 vs. Vanderbilt. We are excited to announce that the RBAA is in the planning stages to make performing during pregame a reality! We hope you will join us for UGA’s 100th Anniversary of homecoming activities and the 49th edition of the Redcoat Alumni Band!

Please read all information contained here, as there are always ongoing changes and new developments, and check the RBAA Homecoming tab on the website often.

Key Dates:
Registration Begins: June 14, 2022
Registration Deadline for tickets in the RBAA block: July 8, 2022 – Even though the Redcoat Alumni Band ticket block is COMPLETELY SOLD (as of July 8), there are numerous other ticket sources for you to obtain your own game ticket(s).
Registration Deadline if you do not need to purchase football tickets: September 15, 2022 at noon. Past this date/time, the only option is walkup registration the morning of Homecoming.

Other Logistics:
Location: Similar to prior years, the morning rehearsal will be at Redcoat Field at the Intramural Field #9 off College Station Rd., with suggested parking in the Intramural Fields Deck. Download campus map from FAQs below.
Call time: TBD. Because kickoff time is determined by television broadcast contracts, this will almost certainly not be known until October 4, and possibly as late as October 9.
Borrowed Wind Instruments (PLEASE READ):
Baritones, Mellophones, or Sousaphones: If you need to borrow one of these instruments, availability will be limited. If possible, we recommend bringing your own instrument, even if this requires use of a concert instrument (e.g., Horn instead of Mellophone).
Requests to borrow available Baritones, Mellophones, or Sousaphones will be honored on a first-come-first-served basis, based on when you complete your registration. Requests for refunds cannot be honored.
Football Tickets in Alumni Band Block:
You must have a game ticket to participate.  Even though the Redcoat Alumni Band ticket block is completely sold (as of July 8), there are numerous other ticket sources for you to obtain your own game ticket(s).
You must have a smartphone for e-ticket delivery, as they will be loaded into your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
Uniforms and Music:
All links for uniforms, music, routine videos, etc. will also be included in your registration email confirmation.
The official RBAA uniform is the only approved attire for entry onto Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium.
Auxiliaries – There is a new auxiliary uniform (shirt) as of 2021. If you did not purchase the new shirt last year, you will need to purchase one this year.
Recent Auxiliary & Musician Graduate – If this is your first Homecoming and you have not already received a shirt from the RBAA, please email us.

See more FAQs below.

Watch your e-mail and/or social media for more information.

Send an email to info@RedcoatAlumniBand.com
Do NOT call or email the Bandroom! They don’t have current Homecoming Information and will have to forward your question to the HC Committee and that could delay your response by a day or more.

Can You Explain All These Gameday Traditions?
  • Dawg Walk      .....    Sousa Show      .....    Drumline Show     .....    Rooster Cheer      .....    The Chant      .....    Battle Hymn Trumpeter        …..    Calling the Dawgs  .....    After the Game Concert      .....    Once a Dawg      .….    The Chapel Bell

Redcoat Musicians


Everyone (including babies) will need to have a game ticket to enter the stadium entrances. Reserving game tickets in the alumni band block will be open as a part of EARLY Homecoming Registration. All tickets in the Redcoat Alumni block are COMPLETELY SOLD, however, there are numerous other ticket sources for you to obtain your own game ticket(s). If you obtaining your game ticket elsewhere, registration will be open until Sept. 15 at noon.

To participate on the field at Homecoming, musicians must wear the official Alumni Band uniform.  The uniform consists of the official RED RBAA shirt, black pants, black shoes, and if you elect to wear a hat (not required) it must be the official RBAA RED ball cap.  Drum Major shirts are also available.  To order the required shirt and optional hat (shipped direct to your address), see link in your HC confirmation email.

TV coverage will dictate the game time, and our homecoming event schedule will be adjusted to the start time when the game time is decided. The schedule will be posted here and in Social Media closer to the game date.

Redcoat Field (within the Intramural Fields complex) – View Campus Map with Redcoat Field identified – View Map Here

Free parking in Intramural Field parking deck closest to Redcoat Field – first come, first served. See map in item above. Free shuttle from Redcoat Field (Intramural Field #9) to Stadium at the conclusion of rehearsal.

Please register as quickly as you can, so we will know our numbers for the formations. Marching Charts and Positions are planned to be available 7 days before the event.

Alumni Band Music is available now (password needed from Homecoming Registration Conformation email) – Link Here After Receiving the Password Listed In Your Registration Confirmation Email

Details and signup sheet for Homecoming morning audition – Link Here to View List.

Redcoat Auxiliary

NEW performance shirt for Homecoming 2022! See details via button below.


Redcoat Alumni Trumpet Interviewed

Before the game, Redcoat Alumni trumpet Jim Peacock gives his unique story of Bulldog support, tailgate beverage and experience in helping earn a NATTY! (ABC’s Atlanta Channel 46 pregame interview)

Link Here
Link Here


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