Redcoat Band Alumni Association

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The RBAA is 501(c)3 charitable organization with the mission of supporting the UGA Redcoat Band organization
and staying connected with all Redcoat band alumni and friends.

Homecoming 2019

We had a great time with our Redcoat Family!

Daniel Peach – “So many smiling faces despite the weather! Can’t wait to see everyone again next year!”

Kent Chapin – “THANK YOU for the hours and hours you put into homecoming. … it’s was good to be in Athens again!“

Homecoming 2020

Alumni Pep Band

The Redcoat Alumni Pep Band, a smaller version of the Redcoat Alumni Band that has performed in Sanford football Stadium every Homecoming since 1974, can provide UGA spirit music for your corporate event or personal celebration.

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Jere Morehead Mentions the Redcoats

In his update for April, 2020 and the pandemic status, UGA President, Jere Morehead sees one Redcoat tradition as an important call to action.

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Support the Current Redcoats

The mission of the Redcoat Band Alumni Association (RBAA) is to actively assist, enthusiastically support, and aggressively promote the University of Georgia Redcoat Band programs and The University of Georgia through all reasonable and appropriate means. Following the priorities of the Directors, As a group Over the past 10 years, the RBAA has provided over $300,000 to the targeted projects directly enhancing those current Redcoat member’s experience.

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Alumni Performing at Homecoming 2018

First Homecoming Formation Chart 1974

The RBAA is a Proud Charter Member of the National Association of Alumni Bands