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What does the Redcoat Band Need?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions Board Members receive is, “How can I help the the band?” One of the ways the RBAA can best serve you is to convey the current needs and priorities of the Redcoat Directors. The Sponsorship Program allows passionate alumni, parents, friends, companies and even alumni sections to satisfy an immediate organizational need. Recognition: Sponsor’s names are listed on this web site and on banners at Redcoat field during events. Confer with your tax advisor for your tax and donation status.

What is your passion? Are you in a position to help Immediately?

These following are unfunded projects needing your assistance!

Redcoat Wrap for the New Storage Trailer

Sponsorship Amount: $7,500

Number of Sponsors: May Take Multiple

Two generous Redcoat alumni have donated to provide this long needed storage at Redcoat Field. Now we have the opportunity to give the Redcoats an outdoor sign for recruiting and to recognize the traditions and history of the organization.

Status: Design in progress, Awaiting a Generous Sponsor

50th Anniversary Sideline Pass Lanyards

Sponsorship Amount: $2000

Number of Sponsors: 3 more @ $250

At $2 a piece, these lanyards are a professional complement to the 2-sided sideline passes received by very performer at Homecoming.

Status: Sponsor
Mr.   Peter &
Dr.   Ellaine Miller

50th Anniversary Parade and Field Banners / Signs

Sponsorship Amount: $200

Number of Sponsors: 1 @ $200

These banners (4’ x 2.5’) will be proudly displayed in the Homecoming parade complete with QR codes to point to Redcoat information.

Status: Ordered – To be available at the Homecoming

Support by Community & Businesses

Sponsorship Amount: $1,000+

Number of Sponsors: Multiple Available

If you are interested in directly to benefit the Redcoats, the RBAA Board can work with businesses for mutual benefit.

Status: Reaching Out To Potential Partners

ReDCoat Sponsors

Redcoat Sponsors

Redcoat Derbies Rehearsal Lunch

Danny Roberson

Redcoat Kazoo Tradition

Jeb Martin

Sideline Pass Lanyards

Mr. Peter &
Dr. Ellaine Miller

Thank You Sponsors


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