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The RBAA is 501(c)3 charitable organization with the mission of supporting the UGA Redcoat Band organization
and staying connected with all Redcoat band alumni and friends.

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UGA Redcoat Show at the Sugar Bowl


The Redcoats’ final halftime performance of the 2018-19 season celebrated the work of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Thank you for another great season, Redcoats!

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Remember the rush you felt when you performed in Sanford Stadium on a football Saturday?  … the GA-FL Halftime?  Now you can give back to that special organization!

The Redcoat Band Alumni Association knows the current needs of the Redcoats.  More Here >>


The Redcoat Alumni Pep Band, a smaller version of the Redcoat Alumni Band that has performed in Sanford football Stadium every Homecoming since 1974, can provide UGA spirit music for your corporate event or personal celebration. Redcoat alumni performers donate their time to benefit the current Redcoat organization.  More Here >>


Your events can have the UGA music by the Alumni Pep Band that everyone enjoys and recognizes!  100% of your donation benefits the Redcoats!

Live music adds the UGA flavor!  Contact Us >>


FAQS – Homecoming

What qualifies me to perform with the alumni band at Homecoming?
Answer: If you participated in the Redcoat Band during any fall season during college, you qualify to participate in Redcoat Alumni Homecoming events.  Alumni registration and ticket reservations open in May each year.

How will I know the music, marching positions and the routines?
The pregame alumni performance is similar to the one performed by the current Redcoats, with the addition of one chart commissioned just for the alumni band. Just prior to Homecoming weekend, music and marching updates will be placed on the RBAA web site for you to download and practice. 

To perform at Homecoming, will Redcoat Alumni need to wear the “Official” Alumni Band uniform?
Answer: Yes, the alumni uniform is a mandatory requirement to perform on the field. If you are not wearing the correct uniform, you will not be allowed to enter the field or perform. As an additional benefit, the same uniform is worn by the Alumni Pep Band for performances during the year.


Alumni Morning Rehearsal

Vince Dooley described the University of Georgia Redcoat Band as the Heartbeat of UGA School Spirit.

Donate your time and resources to the many projects that benefit the current Redcoat Band through the Redcoat Band Alumni Association.


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