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25th Anniversary of the Phyllis Dancz Memorial Award

Phyllis Dancz

Year – Award Winners Name(s)

1992: Danelle Jones-Georgettes

1993: Stephanie Arnette Powell-Georgettes



1996: Heidi Haynes-Georgettes

1997: Annie Andrews – Flagline Captain

1998: Susan Whitman (Whitmire?) – Georgette Captain

1999: Louise Morris Panter-Majorettes

2000: Lucie Cozart Ausburn-Flagline

2001: Jackie Hill Dibling-Georgettes

2002: Ashley Clark-Feature Twirler & Leanne Pitts Layne-Majorette

2003: Abby Calame-Georgettes

2004: Carlyn Patterson Jones-Georgettes

2005: Deanna Isom

2006: Hope Carroll Ham-Feature Twirler

2007: Lindsey Ford-Georgettes

2008: Amanda Farmer-Feature Twirler

2009: Anne Davis-Georgettes & Emily Etheridge Lavendar-Georgettes

2010: Colleen Murphy-Majorettes

2011: Taylor Brown-Majorettes & Jessica Alcorn-Flagline

2012: Beth Whitmire-Flagline Captain and Sydney Brunelle-Georgette Captain, both from Snellville

2013: Heather Stephenson-Georgette Captain from Chatsworth

2014: Nicole Jensen and Emily Ivey

2015: Mary-Kate Hunnicutt and Kristen LaFevers

2016: Miranda Williams and Ansley Vardeman


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Phyllis Dance Award Winners 2014-Feature Nichole Jenson and Georgette Emily Kathryn Ivey