Help a Third Year Redcoat with a Class Project

My name is Kiyah Adkins and I am a third year tenor sax player in the Redcoat Band. I am studying Advertising and have been developing a portfolio for my degree. I wanted to take this chance to use my skills to accomplish three things: bridging the gap between current members and alumni, immortalizing treasured experiences within the ensemble, and commemorating the opportunities Redcoats has given thousands of members.
With these goals in mind, I created Intervals. The name comes from a parallel between the marching term and a reference to the generations of Redcoats. Inspired by Humans of NY, this account will collaborate with Redcoats from then and now to bring their stories to a unified platform that past, current, and future members can enjoy!
Whether you’re from the Dancz Days or are planning to face the Bandemic (yes, pun intended), Redcoats have a glorious talent of always making it work. “It” could be a halftime show where you see more rain than the person in front of you. “It” could be a ten hour bus ride for a ten minute performance. “It” could be keeping the Redcoat experience vibrant and alive, yet also six feet apart. 
To participate, please click on the link below:
Interval submission link

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