‘Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation’ has become a powerful pregame tradition at Georgia home games

From The Athletic

On Friday Night this Fall…Don’t Forget the Marching Band

By Tori McElhaney  Aug 31, 2018

When the time came for Tyler Richmond to choose an instrument to play during his sixth-grade year, his mom wanted him to play the French horn.

“That’s what she played,” Richmond said, “but I just wasn’t really having it. There was just something about the trumpet.”

Richmond has been going to Georgia football games for as long as he can remember. He remembers the Dawg Walks, the cheering fans and the sea of red and black flooding into Sanford Stadium on a crisp fall Saturday in Athens.

Senses are peaked for many on those Saturdays, as they were for Richmond throughout all of those years as a Georgia fan. And while there are many moments that make up a game day in Athens, for Richmond, there is one singular minute in time when everything stops, the noises of an excited crowd fade away and anticipation takes over.

That’s when the lone trumpeter steps out into the open at the top of the…

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