RBAA 45th Homecoming Performance

The 50th RBAA Anniversary Committee has begun the preparation for a grand celebration! There are 12 sub-committees already holding planning meetings. The festivities will begin at Homecoming 2023 and culminate at Homecoming 2024! Send ideas to info@RedcoatAlumniBand.com.

RBAA 50th Anniversary Cookbook

Potential Cookbook Sections

  • Pre-Game – Tailgate Specialties.
  • 1st Quarter – Appetizers, Beverages.
  • 2nd Quarter – Soups, Salads.
  • Halftime – Main Dishes.
  • 3rd Quarter – Vegetables
  • 4th Quarter – Breads, Rolls.
  • After the Game – Desserts.
  • Miscellaneous.

How Can You Be a Part?

Send your favorite recipe to the Cookbook Committee so the cookbook can begin to be organized and printed for release at Homecoming 2023! In addition to the recipe, you can include a photo and background story. Why wait to be famous by sharing your special recipe!

Note: If Not Using Template – At the top of your recipe, please include your name, years in the Redcoats (19xx-20xx) and your section or auxiliary group. Thanks!

– The RBAA 50th Anniversary Cookbook Committee

File Name Format:
recipesection namerecipe nameyour name
photosection namerecipe nameyour name

Or email your submissions to recipe@RedcoatAlumniBand.com

Do You Remember That Story?

We have been telling these stories for years! Save this bit of memorabilia so future Redcoats can hear first-hand about our great traditions, happenings and heritage!

Have someone record your story … or place your phone (camera) on a music stand.

Why? – A few will be made available in the months leading up to the 50th Celebration and many will be available on the web site.

Just use your smart phone or recording device to save this piece of history with in the following suggested format:

  • Hi my name is …
  • I was in the [section or auxiliary group]
  • I marched from [year] to [year] seasons
  • This story or trivia is important because …
  • Then … [When] [Involving Who] [As many Details as possible]

(You can always upload a document with explainations)