Redcoat Alum is Managing Director of the Savannah Music Festival

In 2019, the annual Savannah Music Festival (SMF) in Savannah, Georgia, hosted 107 musical performances across 17 days. The performances were hosted in 15 different performance venues, required 35 piano moves and combined the efforts of 625 artists and personnel from 25 countries.

The conquering of such a logistical feat requires passion and commitment. It’s a task for which Erin Tatum, Redcoat alumna and managing director of the festival, is well-suited. Tatum who played flute/piccolo in the Redcoat Band graduated from Georgia in 2008 with a BA and BBA and in 2014 with a MPA.

As managing director, Tatum schedules performances and works with artists to find accommodations, arrange travel and execute contracts. This role merges the alumna’s background in management and music, both of which she studied at UGA.

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